Wellness Care

At Ridge Road Animal Hospital we believe that, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
We encourage that all pets are vaccinated and checked for heartworms once a year and take heartworm prevention all year long. We offer a variety of heartworm and flea preventions. For all pets we recommend a comprehensive physical examination every six months and blood work once a year. We believe that educating pet owners on different aspects of their pet’s health will help to ensure a long, happy, and healthy life.


Your pet can’t talk, so we have to look! Why? Because we strongly believe prevention is better than cure.

Humans can moan, groan, point, and complain at the earliest sign of a medical problem, but this is not so with animals. If we don’t look over our pets regularly, we can miss subtle early signs of disease and rob ourselves of the chance of early intervention.

All too often, disease is well advanced before we even notice. This is especially true in the case of birds, ferrets, reptiles, and other non-traditional pets. Remember! Your pet’s life span is much shorter compared to your own, so a lot can happen in 12 months.

At Ridge Road Animal Hospital we strongly advise a complete physical examination by a qualified veterinarian at least once a year for the young and fit, and twice a year for our less fit and older pets.

Your Ridge Road Animal Hospital veterinarian has trained and worked for years in order to thoroughly examine your pet in only 5 to 10 minutes. Physicals don’t take long, yet they are one of the most valuable and informative tests that can be done for your pet. Physical exam findings can lead to early detection of disease and prevention of many diseases, and as a healthcare strategy, prevention is generally much more effective and less expensive in the long run than treating problems as they flare up.

At Ridge Road Animal Hospital, veterinary physical examinations are complete, and cover all 12 of the major body systems. A type written report, is available at the end of the procedure for you to take home, in most cases.


Preventive health care is one of our strongest weapons in the fight against disease, and we achieve this, in part, through routine vaccination and regular physical examinations.

Vaccinations provide immunity from certain diseases. This is done by introducing a vaccine into the body, either orally, nasally, or by injection. The vaccine activates and stimulates the body’s immune system, causing it to be especially vigilant against future attacks by the indicated infectious disease.

At Ridge Road Animal Hospital, we only use the very best quality vaccines available. For example, with cats we use only non-adjuvenated vaccines whenever possible to lessen the threat of vaccine associated cancers.

Our Wellness Care services include: odin

Comprehensive Physical Examinations

Puppy/Kitten Vaccination Series

Adult Dog/Cat Vaccinations

Senior Pet Health Care and Diagnostics

Nutritional Counseling

Annual Bloodwork Packages

Heartworm and Flea and Tick Prevention- Offered in our hospital and online pharmacy! Just click this link: Online Pharmacy & Store