Diagnostics for Injured/Sick Pets

In a perfect world, us vets would be sitting around with very little to do, or spending our days fishing! Sadly, this is not so. It is an unfortunate fact that one day your pet may become injured or ill and will need treatment, fast!

Diagnosis Before Treatment

At Ridge Road Animal Hospital, we diagnose before we treat. So, one of our first priorities is identifying the cause of a pet’s illness so that we may treat it correctly. Our in-house veterinary medical diagnostic laboratory provides us with essential information that could be critical to your pet.

dsc_7274With equipment such as a CBC machine, blood chemistry analyzer, wireless ECG, electronic ocular tonometry, and blood pressure monitors, the time between examination, diagnosis and treatment can be kept to an absolute minimum.

With this same hi-tech equipment, we can perform same-day pre-anesthetic blood testing. This is especially important in veterinary medicine because, unlike human medicine, our patients can’t tell us when and how they’re feeling poorly. Pre-anesthetic blood testing also greatly reduces the risks associated with anesthesia and surgery.

In addition to preventative health care, we offer many diagnostic services. In many cases, time is of the essence and our ability to perform in–house diagnostics can be key in evaluating your pet’s health.



Should your pet have a bad experience with a snake, spider, or any other creepy crawler, Ridge Road Animal Hospital has your back! Our Veterinarian team is ready to treat bite wounds, eye trauma, poison cases, and other unfortunate injuries that can occur with your fur babies.


Our surgical suite allows our doctors and technicians to perform routine proceudres such as broken bones, cesareans, intestinal blockages, mass removals, biopsies, bladder stone removals, amputations, and much more!


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