amazing-colorful-camelot-macaw-parrot-headerVeterinary Hospital Services

Ridge Road Animal Hospital located in Rockwall, Texas is a full service veterinary hospital whose doctors attend multiple medical seminars and constantly updates diagnostic equipment to provide Rockwall-Heath pets with top quality veterinary care. Our veterinary hospital provides wellness pet care, including yearly medical examinations, vaccinations, dental care, and spay and neuter services that you would expect in a top notch hospital. We also provide a wide array of diagnostic and treatment options for the best health of your pet.sneed-1

We recently updated our CBC/chemistry analyzer at Ridge Road Animal Hospital to allow multiple patient samples to be run at the same time, giving fast and accurate results to aid in the

diagnosis of your pet’s health. Because we are one of the few Rockwall veterinary hospitals to care for birds, reptiles and small mammals, we have a chemistry analyzer just for these exotic pets. This analyzer requires only a fraction of the blood volume to obtain life saving information, making it ideal for these very small patients. We have also upgraded to a digital x-ray, allowing us to better diagnose and share images with specialists if needed.

A few years ago, Dr Sealock greatly enhanced the diagnostic capabilities of our already modern animal hospital by adding a new ultrasound machine.
We use the minimally invasive ultrasound to obtain samples of organs, thus avoiding invasive surgery to gather samples. Dr. Sealock has since received many hours of continuing education and performed hundreds of ultrasonic procedures and evaluations of ultrasound images. Here at Ridge Road Animal Hospital, we can see ultrafine details of the inside of organs like the liver, spleen, kidneys, urinary tract, and even the actual movement of heart valves. This enables us to recognize disease and cancer conditions in the early stages that x-rays may miss.

coronado-catsAt Ridge Road, we perform orthopedic and soft tissue surgery. Laceration repair, tumor excision, spleenectomy, biopsy, and ocular surgeries are but a
few of the soft tissue surgeries performed at our hospital. Additionally, we perform orthopedic surgery including: fracture repair, ACL repair, and patellar surgery, making our local animal hospital one of the best and most capable animal hospitals in Rockwall and the surrounding areas.

As nice as our modern equipment and up-to-date diagnostic and treatment capabilities are, what really makes Ridge Road Animal Hospital outstanding is the caring attitude each and every team member exhibits. Every one of us has pets that we love, and we understand your pet is a member of your family. We care for your pet as if they were ours, with love and compassion. Come and see the Ridge Road Animal Hospital difference!